Monday, January 14, 2013

Smiley Masker Guy

A guy asked me to put two skin-things together. This body:
And a head like this:

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Well. This is what he litterally asked me to do:
Quote Originally Posted by Zero-sanji View Post
Yo manji, It's Zero-sanji
I've made 2 skins but i want to make them together into 1,
I've been too lazy to do it myself and my highly creative friend is to busy with world conquer so...
Can you do it?
It's actually the green vest guy with the mask epic face mask exactly as my icon, and can you make the hair of the green vest guy a bit more detailled?, i would appreciate it :3

He also forgot to post a photo of that mask there, but well. That came later... :D This is what it became:

Smiley Masker Guy

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