Monday, December 31, 2012

Basketballplayer (Charles Barkley)

I made a skin of a basketballplayer, called Charles Barkley. It was requested at the Yogscast Forums, by PlumpyLumpkin. He wanted that the skin looked like his profile photo:
I did that. Quite hard to let his T-shirt look like that. I tried a lot of things, but this is what it became. Hope you like it.

 Basketball Player

Black Tanned Girl

I'm currently busy with fixing my Minecraft and Java, pretty shit. I don't exactly know yet what it is, but I think it'll be finished next week.

Here's another skin, requested by MsKitty3D. 'A tanned girl with black hair'.
Also requested at the Yogscast Community Forums. Here she is:

Black Tanned Girl

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mad Scientist

I had another request on the Yogscast Forums, from Grandmaster_C. He asked me to make a mad scientist. I had no idea how to make it, so I took one of my other scientists, and painted some red glasses on him (I also changed the rest of the skin :D). Here it is:

Mad Scientist

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Enderman Adventurer

NathanielCoran asked me to make a skin in the style of my Steve/Herobrine Adventurers. He should have the head of an Enderman, green eyes and a blue-hilted sword on his back. Here he is:

Enderman Adventurer

Lapis Assasin

I got a skin request from CynicalJoker at the YogscastForums, once again. He asked me to make a skin of an assasin. He wanted green eyes, a sword with a blue hilt, brown eyes and a mask with the design of Rythian's skin (from the Yogscast). Here it is:

Lapis Assasin

Attacked Zombie

A skin by ledgabomb, improved by me. Here's the original skin:

And this is my version of it, I edited the clothing, the big wounds. I also removed the big wound on the legs, because two similar wounds don't look good, I think. Well, here he is:

Attacked Zombie

Alien Skin

I got a request on the Yogscast forums, to improve this skin.

It came from MilzofCake. He made it himself, and he asked me to improve it. I didn't do a lot. Just changed the colour of his skin, the eyes, and the whole colour of his clothes. This is him:

White Alien

Fire Hoodie Skin

This is a skin, requested by GaleStormwind, at the Yogscast Forums. He wanted a pretty simple skin, with two swords hanging on his back, a hoodie with a fire print and brown hair. Well, here he is:

Fire Print Hoodie

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. skin

An unkown guy/girl asked me to make a skin of a guy from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I didn't ever heard of the game, so he posted a picture of that guy. This is the picture:
It was really hard, I swear. I've bin working on that skin for like two hours... It was really hard, and this is what it became after all that work:


Blue Army Archer

This is the skin of the regular Blue Army Archer. It is the Blue Ranger, with some sort of special armor on. Here he is:

Blue Army Archer

the Warlord of the Blue Army

This is the Warlord of the whole army. He's very strategic and smart. He knows everything about the whole army.

Warlord of the Blue Army

Blue Army Princess

Here's the princess of the Blue Army. The wife of the Blue Prince :P

Princess of the Blue Army

Prince of the Blue Army

I'm making an army of blue skins. Archers, warriors, knights, thiefs, etc. This is the king of that army. I'll make another tab, just for the Blue Army skins. I have no idea for what I'm gonna use them, but whatever. Here's the king:

Prince of the Blue Army

Monday, December 24, 2012

Blond Scientist

The guy who asked me to make the regular scientist, asked me to change the hair a little bit. It had to be 'can i have the hair slightly blondy so still brown but quite light thanks in advance'. Quite hard to find out what colour it was, :P . Lol, well I tried, here's the result:

Blond/Brown Scientist

Robot Scientist

A guy named 'taac' asked me to make a skin of a robot with a lab coat on. He said he's gonna use it for his Youtube channel.

Robot Scientist

Soviet Soldier

I made a skin of a Soviet Soldier, which had to look like the guy in this skin:
It was requested by Prussia, at the Yogscast forums. Here it is:

Soviet Soldier

Saturday, December 22, 2012


I made a skin of a scientist, with light-brown hair and goggles, as max1moo1 requested. Here he is:


Blue Warrior

I'm making an entire army of blue skins, and this is the standard warrior.

Blue Warrior

Friday, December 21, 2012

Blue Prince Skin

I made a skin of a blue Prince. He has got some fancy golden shit on his body, a little crown and some dark-blue ruffles on his shirt. Hope you like this skin!

Blue Prince

King Midas Skin

I made a skin of a Greek Mythological guy, called King Midas. He had the ability to whatever he touched, will be turned into gold. This came to be called the Golden Touch, or the Midas Touch. Well, here he is:

King Midas

Blue Man

I've edited a skin, changed the face into a humanoid face. That was requested by BenBomb33 on the Minecraft-Forums. Here it is:

Blue Suit-Man

Here's the link to the original skin:

Adventurers: Herobrine and Steve!

I made two skins for adventurers. One for the creepy old and ancient Herobrine, and the modified Steve.


Modified Herobrine