Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dark Female Elf

I made a skin of a female elf, for a chick (as she said in the comments, that she wasn't a guy :D) called Serrekiel, on the Minecraft Forums. This is what he asked me to make:

Posted Today, 08:40 AM
View PostSerrekiel, on 01 January 2013 - 08:34 PM, said:
Hello!  Would you be willing to try making a dark elf skin for me?  I need one for an RP server I'm on.

I need it to be a girl, with silver or white hair, light grey skin, elf ears, and blue eyes.  I also need her to have black/blue assassin's clothes, (A cloak, shorts, boots, shirt, etc...) and a silver ring on her hand.  Everything else left on the skin is up to you, but I need her to have those things.

Well, I did that. It was quite hard to make her skin and hair look proper, her clothing was also pretty hard, here she is:

Female Dark Elf


Anonymous said...

Lol, Sky, I'm a chick. XD


Skyrrow said...

Oww! Lol. Woops :D

Anonymous said...

You're fine. XD I just thought it was funny you thought I was a dude.