Friday, February 22, 2013

Progress on Blenderball

I made a lot of progress on Blenderball. It's coming along pretty quickly. The islands in the air look pretty cool and there are a lot of them. I'm gonna make a lot more things on the ground, some towers, old houses, barricades, etc.

Friday, February 15, 2013

BlenderBall: New map!

I'm working on a new map, together with my redstone-friend, Jurgjurg. We're making a big PVP map. He will make a system out of command blocks to make teams with, scoreboards, to put friendly-fire off, he's also gonna make different classes and lots of more cool stuff. I'm making the map, which we're going to copy and paste into a empty map (with empty I mean no blocks, just the Void, like in Skyblock). These are some of the screenshots I made with this map:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Special Items for Bubbles

Yesterday, I made some cool items and armor sets for Bubbles. Cool sets of armor, with nice enchantments on them. Lots of different items, just for trolling, like the 'Holy Flame'. Its a torch with Sharpness X and Fire Aspect V. All sorts of things like that one. Lots of different weapons. I also renamed all of them, they now have a little name in front of their first name. It is written in the Old Greek alphabet, and it has something to do with the item itself. Here are some of the Items of the map.

Bubbles Again!

I'm already working on the map Bubbles again. Still working on the Wizard Tower again. Jurgen (my friend) will put the necessary MCedit spawners and shit in, for the armored Zombie Villagers zombies, the boss witches, that kinda things. But now, I'm working on the inside of the big tower, busy with tower floor number 2:

This is what the Tower looks like now, with some extra towers (for the looks). Still lots of things I need to do, more thingies on the big tower, I don't want it to look like a big cilinder. It must be a creepy old ancient tower.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Minecraft is working again!

My minecraft is working again. Java is repaired, sorry that it took that much time. I'll be still making skins, but the maps will have the most priority (don't know if I sayd that right).

Me and my friend Jurgen are working on a map again. This time some sort of CTF map, completely done with Command Blocks, in the newest snapshots. I take care of the looks, he does all the Scoreboards, TP's, Redstone shit and the randomizing for the two teams. I'm gonna make a black and a white base, in the middle of some hills or mountains. You won't be able to get out. As soon as I made something, I'll post some screenshots and some explanation about the whole map. In spare time, I'll also keep working on the map Bubbles. Also going to use lots of Command Blocks. Hope you'll like it!

Skyrrow :D