My Skins

Here are the skins that I made by myself (there are more in the other tabs above, like the Hungergames ones). You can download them by right-clicking on the little picture above the minecraft skin you want to download.
When you downloaded the skin, go to Click on 'Log in', and fill your minecraft username and -password in. After you logged in, click on 'Profile', and upload the skin you downloaded here on this page (which is the little picture next to the photo of what the skin looks like).

the Blue Knight

Armed Dwarf


Green Thief with Bandana


Blue Superman


Orc Rogue


Blue Creeper Teen


Confederate Soldier


Scene Kid Painter


Mad Scientist


 Basketball Player

Grey Assassin


 the Blue/Green Ranger




Black Tanned Girl


Dwarf with Golden Hair


Enderman Adventurer


Blond/Brown Scientist


Connor (Assassins Creed III) in New York Clothing Style


Attacked Zombie


Female Dark Elf


Dark Elf


Red Creeper Adventurer

Brown Scientist


Green Dwarf

Sheep Wizard


 the Cyber Spider


 Black Old Assassin


Blue Suit-Man


White Alien


Fire Print Hoodie


Lapis Assasin


  Christmas Dwarf


Guy with Blue T-Shirt

Daedric Dunmer Elf


Brown Curly-Hair Girl



Blue Prince




Soviet Soldier


Modified Herobrine

the Soulsucker



Old Assassin


Gala Guy

Ender Ninja




Crystal Girl


Old Wizard

Teen Girl

I'm made an army of blue skins. Archers, warriors, knights, thiefs, etc. This is the king of that army. I'll make another tab, just for the Blue Army skins. I have no idea for what I'm gonna use them, but whatever. Here's the king:

Prince of the Blue Army

Princess of the Blue Army

Warlord of the Blue Army


Blue Warrior

Blue Army Archer

When you want to see more of my skins, look at the tabs above. And if you want me to make a skin for you, just post a comment! I'll answer as quick as possible.


Anonymous said...

Nice skins man!!

minesneek said...

very nice skins man!

Skyrrow said...

Thank you! If you want me to make more skins, just say it. And if you want to let me make a skin for you, just post a comment.

minecraft skins said...

Greate,how could you find that,thank you for your sharing,ill recommended it to my freinds
minecraft elf skin

Skyrrow said...

Thank you, but what do you mean with 'how could you find that'??

Anonymous said...

Make an Archer

Skyrrow said...

Okay, I will. What kind of archer?

Anonymous said...

could you make a Katniss? thatd be awesome.

Skyrrow said...

Man, look at the tab called 'the Hungergames Skins'. I made Katniss like a month ago. And all of the other tributes of the hungergames.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you put my minecraft skin's head-and paste it on one of your Hunger Game bodies? i would be very glad

and if you have a planet minecraft inbox me the link please :D

Thank you


Skyrrow said...

Yea, that's ok.

Anonymous said...

hai, can u please make a Kronos skin (god of time) because i really would think that with your skills it could turn out wonderful

nice Skins by the way, liked all three of them =D

Orion out.

Skyrrow said...

I will absolutely! Thanks for all those compliments.

Anonymous said...

Jeeezzzz!! You're fast with making those skins! How much can you make in one day??

Skyrrow said...

Thanks bro! Last weekend I made 7 skins... I didn't really had anything else to do. :P

Anonymous said...

i cant download the skins :(

Skyrrow said...

Oww. That sucks... I can mail them to you if you want, just tell me your email, and which skin you want.

Skyrrow said...

Oww. That sucks... I can mail them to you if you want, just tell me your email, and which skin you want.

steven harper said...
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steven harper said...

can you make a adventurer with a red creeper head and blue eyes with a golden sword with a green handle

Skyrrow said...

Yup. Of course. I'll do it right now.

hellboy1944 said...

Man i love yor skins they are amazing !!! Could you make a Confederate soldier of the american civil war ?

Skyrrow said...

Yup! Of course. I will. :D

Multiblock said...

For the blue army, you should do a king, as you made the prince and the princess, and also a red army, and perhaps make a PVP map, and they could fight against each other? Anyway I love your skins, I think they're amazing, and your maps! I hope you continue to make such brilliant skins and maps, Multi.

Skyrrow said...

Thanks a lot! Great idea. I could do that yea. I think I will. :D

hellboy1944 said...

thx for the awesome skin man its great , you make the best skins ive ever seen !!!! :)

Skyrrow said...

Thanks! :)

steven harper said...

thanks man look good

steven harper said...

thanks you man now this is for my friend he wants a teenager with a blue creeper head and dark green eyes and a bow with a green handle and with a iron sword with a yellow handle with a shirt thats checked red and blue pls

Skyrrow said...

Thanks a lot! Do you want me to make that thingy, what are you asking, and are you asking even anything? Thanks again.

steven harper said...

make it pls

Dharmendro Bhuyan said...

Very nice blog. I like the blog very much.

Skyrrow said...

Thanks a lot man! You made me happy :D

Anonymous said...

Can you make an old man skin please? My name is Paytonius and I would greatly appreciate it.

Skyrrow said...

Yes, but I already have one, is that one good enough or do you want a different one??

erica said...

can you make a elf archer girl?

Skyrrow said...

yeah, i can :D i might do that soon, but it might take some time, pretty busy with the maps

C said...

Can you make a percy jackson skin with green eyes, black hair, and a oracge shirt with CHB on it and jeans(blue)? some people did percy with blue eyes and brown hair.

Austin Fournier said...

Hey could you make a ckin based off the green arrow?
If you don't know what he is here is a reference pic.
Sorry i couldn't find a better picture, the only ones that show his whole body don't have him in the suit or are from the comics. He is a vigilante like batman but he uses a bow and arrow and he is better. Also if you hvaen't checked it out already i reccomend you do, it's on netflix. They also have the flash legnds of tommorow and supergirl and all the series connect. Thanks! and your skins are really cool.

Skyrrow said...

Hey austin, I don't really make skins anymore, and to be honest I haven't played minecraft for at least 6 years. Maybe you can try it out on a different forum or something? I'm sure there are other people that make skins as well!

Austin Fournier said...

i have actually made a few skins myself, well more so edited others like i took a knight and changed the color scheme and added a sword. There are only 2 skins i made that are original and they are a dog and a fox which i made a few versions of. I just didn't want to murder the way hat green arrow looks.
Also sorry because i commented before i realized how long ago your last post was.

Skyrrow said...

No problem! Good luck with the green arrow skin.