Old Maps

the Battle Castle

You're supposed to do the map with 4 or more people. You spawn in an old ancient giant castle. The half of the group has get out of the castle, as soon as they reached their camp, they're allowed to start attacking the castle. They have to try to burn the flag in the middle of the castle. The other team has to defend the flag, in the old ancient houses are chests with enchanted weapons and armor. There are five houses, so there are five sets of weapons too.There is pretty much defense too. There are some dispensers in the gate, TNT cannons, etc.

The attack team has much more enchanted stuff in their building. All of the stuff is enchanted, but in a lower level than the gear inside the castle. But there are 54 enchanted swords, 27 enchanted bows, plenty of arrows, 18 sets of armor, etc. There is some defence at the castle too. There are cannons, dispensers, places for archers to shoot at their enemies and more cool stuff. Each of the camps has a fishing spot, if you want to play with a difficulty and with monsters, which won't really work, cause there won't spawn any monsters in the castle. Cause there are too much players inside of it.

Here's the downloadlink:

 the Pig Arena

This is a map, where you have to ride on pigs, and get into the another side of this little arena. There are some obstacles, such like lava, TNT, and the Void. Try to get to get into the other side, you may change of pig (there are 4), but this may not last more than 5 seconds. This is without the new pig-riding thing. Just ride the pig without a 'carrot on a stick'. It's an old map, they weren't available in that update. Long long time ago...

You can get all the another pigs follow you by holding wheat. You have a sword, 64 wheat and 7 cooked porkchup. I suggest to play the game on peaceful, because it is dark in some parts of the arena.
There are also chests in the Arena, with some items in it. If you found Flint and Steel, you may burn wool. If you found shears, you may cut the leaves of the trees away. In every chests are gold nuggets, the number of nuggets you have, when you finished the game, is your score.

The download-link of this map:

Clay Soldiers Arena

Do you now the Clay Soldiers mod? It is one of the best mods i've ever heard of. You have some colored clay soldiers in your hand, plunk them down on the ground, and they fight against every clay soldier of another color.

Download for the arena without the Soldiers in it yet.
2nd Download with ready Clay Soldiers, load it with 
the mod installed, otherwise they won't be there :D

 Download link for the Clay Soldiers Mod:


the Arena

This is a map where you must fight for your life. Try to stay alive, while you're fighting against Magma Slimes, Blaze, Skeletons and Angry Wolves. You beat the game when you opened all the Fence Gates, and killed all of the creatures.

The link to the download of the map:

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