Zombie Map

You know Call of Duty - Blackops? There is a zombie mode on that game. That inspired much minecrafters to make a zombie map. You have to kill the zombies, buy stuff from dispensers and try to get back to your normal world, were normal people live their lifes, and not just undead zombies. I've made a zombie map to. You spawn in a 5x5 room, with a bed, a chest and three levers. You may pull the number of players you have (minus one) and there will come some more chests with starting stuff. You may take the stuff in the chest, and start killing some zombies!!

Here are the screenshots:
(MCedit didn't work, so I was not able to set the spawn point. Just don't destroy the bed)


You know that Zombie Flesh that Zombies drop? Well that is your money, to purchase anything you want. You throw it in the space beneath the dispenser -with a sign beneath it, so you can see whats in the dispenser- and the dispenser will shoot your stuff. You can repeat this many times, but the dispenser may get empty. When that happens, just break the glass and put some new stuff in it, if you have toomanyitems or such.

This is such a dispenser:

Next Room
There is an hidden chest in (almost) every zombie spawn room. In those chests are levers. You have to put those levers on a gold block. That will open the gate to the next room.The door to the next room is most of time hidden. Good luck!

New download here:



Skyrrow said...

This is the SinglePlayer version. I'm making a MultiPlayer version. In the updated version will be levers: nr 1 for when you're on your own, nr 2 for when you are with two, etc. When you pull lever 2 or higher, there will be more spawners, but more starting stuff too.

sneekgaming said...

download link doesn't work yet!

Skyrrow said...

Oww, thanks. I reintroduced him. Thanks for the comment!!

Sasquatch9875 said...

the download thing said it is corrupt and now it won't work. i tried both downloads

Skyrrow said...

I'll try to fix it.

Skyrrow said...

I made a new download, hope that that one works.

Sasquatch9875 said...

now it says the file is invalid or deleted. im sorry if this is too much work. just so u know im still the same sasquatch9875. the one who allways left comments on the hunger games maps and sent you the skins. i just got a blogger acount.
p.s. could you delete the page that had my skins on it cause those were the prototypes and they look kinda lame.

Skyrrow said...

I uploaded it again... Stupid.