Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yogscast Tasks Finished

I finished the map called the Yogscast tasks. There are now 20 tasks in it.

Explanation of the map:
It is a map full of tasks for real Yogscast fans. You'll have to do puzzles, find your way in confusing mazes, fight with mobs and much more. If you like the Yogscast, then this is definately a map for you (and your friends). If you've never heard of them, this is a link to their Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/bluexephos.

Sometimes in the map, I'll say something that you might not understand when you didn't watched a particular video of them.
I will make a lot of references to some videos that Lewis and Simon made. Like the Pig Simulation in Archer Hero and all that kinda stuff. Example: 'Nothing here, le sigh... (the Tourist - part 1, the Basilica)'


Here is the download. More tasks will be coming:

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