Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Map: Yogscast Tasks

I'm planning to make another new map. It is called Yogscast Tasks. If you like the Yogscast, then this is definately a map for you (and your friends). If you've never heard of them, this is a link to their Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/bluexephos.

Sometimes in the map, I'll say something that you might not understand when you didn't watched a particular video of them.
There are plenty of little puzzles, mazes, fighting mobs, race against each other for the Share (tekkit) or for the last Pork from a native pig from Oil/Pig Island. I will make a lot of references to some videos that Lewis and Simon made. Like the Pig Simulation in Archer Hero and all that kinda stuff. Example: 'Nothing here, le sigh... (the Tourist - part 1, the Basilica)'

There are different tasks. Tasks for Lewis, for Simon, for them as a team and the Twintasks. You'll see what the last one is when you do the map.

Here are some screenshots that i've already made:

Hope you will like it!!

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