Thursday, February 7, 2013

Minecraft is working again!

My minecraft is working again. Java is repaired, sorry that it took that much time. I'll be still making skins, but the maps will have the most priority (don't know if I sayd that right).

Me and my friend Jurgen are working on a map again. This time some sort of CTF map, completely done with Command Blocks, in the newest snapshots. I take care of the looks, he does all the Scoreboards, TP's, Redstone shit and the randomizing for the two teams. I'm gonna make a black and a white base, in the middle of some hills or mountains. You won't be able to get out. As soon as I made something, I'll post some screenshots and some explanation about the whole map. In spare time, I'll also keep working on the map Bubbles. Also going to use lots of Command Blocks. Hope you'll like it!

Skyrrow :D

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