Sunday, October 28, 2012

Olympus Finished!!!

I finally finished the map Olympus. You can download and play it now. I made a little wall of Command Blocks. You can use them inside the Empire State Building. One is to give you standard gear, another one to set your spawn, one to put MobGriefing off (explosions of Creepers and Ghasts, and maybe Enderman) and the last one to get you into the end.

I made another button in the elevator, to get you up to the Olympus (the little island). So you won't have to use the water, which takes a lot of time to go up. I've also put the Wither Skeleton Heads on the Wither Boss, and one in the Chest.

Download will be soon, cause my internet is buggy as hell. The uploading takes ages. Sorry about that, but it was already a pain to write this post...

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