Monday, July 9, 2012

the Olympus

I am working on a new custom map. I got the idea of the Percy Jackson film and movie. It is the Empire State Building, with the Olympus (the top of the mountain were the Greek Gods have their houses) hanging above it.

The idea of Percy Jackson is that the Greek monsters and Gods really exist. Percy Jackson is a hero. Half mortal, half god. His father is Poseidon. He fights ancient greek monsters, with his friends and against the Titan; Kronos. Kronos is the father of Poseidon, Zeus and Hades. He's their archenemy. Percy is with some of his half god friends, to defend the home of the Olympians, while the Olympians are trying to stop a giant monster called Typhon. They are all away when Kronos attacks. A big battle starts.

A 'making of' video:

Music made by Royaltyfreetracks, this is the link to his channel
and this is the link to the music that I used.

Some screenshots:

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